Du Toitskloof Newsletter - February 2013

Wednesday, 27 February, 2013
Du Toitskloof Winery
Since talking to you last, the pace in the cellar has picked up appreciably. It's not quite frenetic yet, but we are rapidly moving in that direction! We received the first grapes at the cellar early this month and at the time of writing had pressed close to 4 000 tons which means we're about 25% there. My guess is we shall press somewhere between 15 500 and 15 800 tons in total and so likely to be marginally down on last year's record crop of 16 400 tons.
However, more important than the sheer volume is the quality of the grapes, and in that respect this vintage does not in any way rank below 2012. I'm particularly excited about the grapes from the Chenin blanc bush vines that are of an exceptional quality. Walking through the cellar I am enveloped in an amalgam of olfactory pleasures (OK, I had to go and look up that word!) emanating from tanks filled with young wines of Chenin blanc, Sauvignon blanc, Nouvelle, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and Semillon Ð the white cultivars that have kept us busy at the cellar door over the past few weeks.

The first batches of early red varietals such as Pinotage and Merlot have also been crushed but the great stampede is yet to come. And we await that with some trepidation! The hot weather at the end of February will hasten the ripening process and what then tends to happen is that everything arrives at the cellar door at more or less the same time. Thank goodness for the investment made last year in extending our cooling systems. I can tell you, these facilities have proved to be worth their weight in gold.

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