Villiera What's Bubbly Harvest 2013

Tuesday, 26 February, 2013
Our responsible approach to social aspects of our business has ensured a willing workforce. We have been unaffected by the unrest that has occurred in the Western Cape fruit farming community. Harvest is in full swing and everyone is going about their business with as much vigour as usual.
Excellent ripening conditions have lead to healthy fruit harvested, starting mid January. It is only the economy that is not under control which is affecting business in existing markets.

To overcome this we have opened up new markets in China and Africa. Recently Cathy visited our agent in Ghana where we have been relatively successful. Apart from building relationships, she built up a sweat. The climate is hot and humid and she had a comprehensive tour from informal traders to top hotels where wine is showing signs of considerable growth. Cathy claims we are in good hands because Isaac Tetteh, our agent, is one impressive character who commands a lot of respect.