Du Toitskloof Newsletter - January 2013

Wednesday, 30 January, 2013
Du Toitskloof Winery
Keep your fingers crossed!
It was exhilarating to find, on coming back from a most relaxing holiday, that all the promise of the forthcoming harvest has been abundantly realised in the time I was away. The news is good throughout the Winelands and those in the know predict that we can expect a harvest which will be the third biggest in this history of our industry.
With this goes two other pieces of good news. The first is that despite the high volumes, quality is not expected to be adversely affected in any way thanks to the hard work of our viticulturists over the past few years who have succeeded in increasing crop size while enhancing quality. The second piece of good news is that we are very well placed in export markets, because of a global wine shortage. This is the result of far smaller harvests in many of the major wine-producing countries across the globe.

However, there is an old saying don’t count your chickens before they are hatched and farmers in particular who are so dependent on the whims of Nature know from bitter experience how easily the most optimistic predictions can come to nought. At the same time there is nothing which says one can’t live in hope!

The year ended on a high note for us with a final accolade which also re-affirmed what I always say we want to be: The provider of excellent value at a price wine lovers can afford. We were told at the end of November that our 2012 Chenin blanc in a 3-litre box was judged the best boxed white wine in the third annual Spit or Swallow Box Wine Awards. Our Pinotage Merlot Ruby Cabernet received the award for the best red boxed wine in the inaugural competition in 2010.