Zola Budd in the Winelands

Wednesday, 30 January, 2013
Carolyn Clark
What do Olympian athlete Zola Budd and the Anna Foundation farm children have in common? Answer: both prefer running barefoot!
Well, perhaps Zola has opted to wearing shoes these days and is currently distributor for the Newton brand in South Africa - running shoes that have been developed for natural running which making it feels as if you are running barefoot. In addition to recently hosting a development running clinic for 50 lucky Anna Foundation children, each child participating in the clinic also received a brand new pair of Newton running shoes!

Farm children displaying a talent for, or showing potential for running were chosen from each of the Boland farms on which the Anna Foundation works. During the clinic the children were shown a variety of core strengthening exercises (vital for runners), and copied fast-paced leg drills as demonstrated by Zola. The Anna Foundation children learned a great deal from the running legend, picking up many valuable running tips and pointers which they will put into practice at the next local fun run which they attend.

Running (and encouraging a healthy lifestyle through sports) forms an integral part of the Anna Foundation’s 3 R’s “Reading. Running. Right-ing” programme which is implemented after school hours on farms throughout the Western Cape. For further information visit www.annafoundation.com
encouraging a healthy lifestyle through sports
encouraging a healthy lifestyle through sports

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