Ridgeback Wines January 2013 Newsletter: Harvest 2013

Friday, 11 January, 2013
Ridgeback Wines
Following the superb winter conditions with the highest rainfall and cold units in 8 years it was no surprise that the vines were well rested and rearing to go from the onset of budburst in September.
The growing season has shown possibly the best set that I’ve experienced since arriving at Ridgeback in 2000, with a great selection and volume of bunches to choose from. With the exception of a number of hot days during early December the conditions have generally been more forgiving than the past 2 vintages which were exceptionally hot and dry.

Possibly the only really alarming aspect of the season thus far has been the very destructive South Easter which tore through the Winelands at the end of November. Some regions suffered vast amounts of wind damage, but we were fortunate to escape fairly unscathed.

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