De Wetshof - December 2012 Newsletter

Saturday, 1 December, 2012
De Wetshof
In the final throes of 2012, De Wetshof hosted its bi-annual Celebration of Chardonnay as an ode to this noble variety that lies at the core of our production values and wine passion. The first Celebration of Chardonnay took place in 2006 in the form of a tasting of 10 South African wines chosen by wine impresario Dave Hughes and a panel of experts.
Although the mission of the Celebration of Chardonnay remains that of showcasing the grape's ability to reflect diverse soil types, geographical regions and specific terrains like no other variety, the event has grown into a highlight on the general South African wine calendar. 

Since the previous Celebration began incorporating wines from outside South Africa allowing the 140 attendees to experience a more inclusive spectrum of Chardonnays, the event has contributed to a much stronger South African-based narrative. In order to strengthen the narrative and allow attendees to participate in the presentation, this year's event was held in a spacious open tent on the lawns outside the De Wetshof winery instead of the confinements of the barrel cellar. Besides the 15 wines, a few Chardonnay experts were set-up in a panel position, allowing those present to not only experience the wines on a senatorial basis, but also to be enlightened by the speakers.