Water Wise Waverley Hills

Saturday, 24 November, 2012
Waverley Hills
The prize for Best Contribution to Water Resource Management was awarded to Waverley Hills at the Nedbank Green Wine Awards which took place on 15 November 2012.
Waverley Hills has demonstrated its commitment to water resource management not only by having rehabilitated two hectares of river bed on the estate, with a further hectare currently undergoing rehabilitation, but also by playing a significant part in rehabilitating the Hex River, Upper Berg River, The Nona and Breede River through the distribution of about 100 000 plants and a million seeds through the Waverley Hills Fynbos Nursery. They’ve gone so far as to assist with fixing problems that aren’t even on their property.

Pioneering use of a 100% shade net as ground cover between the vines to control weeds has reduced the competition for water intake. The aquatic fynbos pond at the entrance to the wine cellar mimics the upper Breede River eco system and also explains the importance of riparian plants. The pond is also being used to breed threatened fish species such as the Cape Curper and Breede River Red Fins.

Waverley Hills has an impressive recycling programme which extends to processing waste from the local municipal dump and plays a major role in the Green Fingers Initiative by teaching and inspiring local school children about conservation. These are just a couple of the reasons why they were also acknowledged as a runner up for the Innovative Leader in Conservation and Environmental Good Practice Award.