Unconventional Versus Wines Social Campaign 'Celebrates Your Differences'

Tuesday, 20 November, 2012
Kisha van Vuuren
Versus is celebrating the differences of the unconventional Versus drinker with its new ‘celebrate your differences’ social media campaign.
Versus fans can celebrate their differences via Facebook and share their strong opinions about life. Apple vs. Blackberry? Rock vs. Classic? Eat vs. Be Eaten? To Mo or not to Mo this Movember? Versus calls on you to tell us where your loyalties lie and you could stand the chance to win an awesome e-reader tablet or one of five e-book vouchers and great product hampers.

Characterised by an uncomplicated, easy-drinking style, Versus continues to bring a refreshing, fun approach to the enjoyment of wine through its innovative packaging and its timeless, stylish, easy-drinking wine.

“With this campaign we aim to celebrate the freedom of the individual,” says the winemaker of Versus Abraham de Villiers. “Everybody likes to think they’re different or unique and the truth is everybody is, our objective is to get those that don’t categorise themselves as ‘the norm’ to stand together and celebrate their differences.”

Abraham continues, “We chose Facebook as a medium to engage with our brand followers and to celebrate the fact that although these consumers are part of a group that prefers to be different they are still part of an uncomplicated social environment where they can truly express themselves amongst people with whom they feel comfortable.”

“We see the differences that exist in popular culture between people who like to be recognised as individuals, together against the norm,” he adds.

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