Salmon Tartare and Lammershoek Chenin Blanc 2010

Sunday, 21 October, 2012
Potjie in Fish, Swartland Independents
Over the weekend of the 9 & 10 November the town of Riebeek Kasteel will host the 3rd Swartland Revolution. According to the website of the Swartland Revolution, the aim of the weekend is “to raise general awareness of the area, and although there might be stylistic and philosophical differences in the wines to be showcased, they all share a common sense of place – as with all great wine regions of the world.
The closing party of the Swartland revolution is an open event, the Swartland Independent Street Party, where you can taste and buy wine of 23 of the Swartland Independent members.

Over the next couple of weeks I will blog once a week about a recipe that some of the members of the Swartland Independent Producers organisation have send to me, and the wine they have paired with it.

This week the focus is on Lammershoek, and their Lammershoek Chenin Blank 2010. Carla Kretzel suggest to pair is with Sam Linsell’s salmon tartare, and this is what she had to say about the wine and the pairing: “ The wine has high natural acidity but also weight and texture and I think it will go well with the lemon, sesame oil, spring onions and obviously the oiliness of the fish. I tried something based on this recipe the other day (I left out the ginger which I don’t like) and it was great. Our wines can also handle a bit of chilli.”

Sam was kind enough to give me permission to recreate her dish and blog about it; I did use the ginger in my recipe and added a teaspoon of chopped capers as well. If you can’t find pickled jalapeño chillies use a small fresh red chilly that you slice very finely, remove the seeds for a milder taste.

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