Top 100 SA Wines - Feedback on recent promotional events

Friday, 19 October, 2012
Top 100 SA Wines
Top 100 SA Wines has been managing an increasingly active set of marketing and promotion events.  
Recently we had branded stands of fine SA wines at UK events 3 Wine Men, SITT Boutique Wineries and Handfords Wines SA Extravaganza, as well as at Cape Wine. For the list of wines at each event, please click here.

3 Wine Men, Lords MCC (22 & 23 September 2012) 

This event was extremely popular and busy. Over 2 days, attendees could select entrance for one of three sessions. Of the three sessions which each allowed 500 visitors, our Top 100 stand was equally busy. We ended up acquiring an additional stand and so enjoyed considerable space and impact. (We absorbed this cost ourselves). We had two full time experts manning the stand (Robin, plus Melanie from SAWO or else Chris Headdon, UK strategy director for Top 100). We negotiated with Tim Atkin to do a 10-minute soap box punt for two of our wines. He chose Saronsberg Shiraz and David Niewoudt Ghost Corner Sauvignon. Needless to say both wines went down a treat to a very impressed crowd, as Tim strutted their fine characters with typical panache and humour. Click for images or video .

SITT Trade event, Trafalgar Square (24 September 2012)

This was the first time we exhibited at this event. It was a single, astonishingly busy and very full day. What was clear was that some visitors knew what they were looking for and had focus, others were more generally inclined. Clearly the trade is still growing (we spoke to a number of new businesses) so despite tougher times, the industry is progressive and clearly aiming for and working assertively for growth. Robin and Chris manned the stand and it too was really very busy with perhaps 300 or so visitors. What is also interesting and particularly pleasing is the level of knowledge on SA and on many SA wines.

A great experience for us was the number of Top 100 wine books that were purchased. Snapped up by trade, who were taken by the logic of the brand and the
useful content available, in one easy read.

This event is invaluable and it is one to be seen to regularly participate in, certainly at the annual London opportunity. It was a very smart, well organised and key day. Clearly there remains quality buying power investigating quality wine buying opportunities, seeking too product differentiation. Click for images or video 

Cape Wine (25 – 27 September 2012)

This event was definitely useful and positive too. Clearly the main hall was very attractive and polished. For many visitors, it appeared that the Top 100 stand resonated as a great place to start, and on occasion, to finish too. (We were near to the exit, a great location.) Often we had people say to us they did not know the stall layout, nor where to start, so, where better then, than with a tremendous range of finest Top 100 SA wines! Typically we had two full time staff on the stand and this was supported in many slots where vineyards had a representative present on our stand too.

Perhaps, after the high traffic and very successful London events, it felt generally a bit quiet. Thus three days could perhaps have easily been condensed into one single, very busy day. Food perhaps for later thought. Having said that, we enjoyed visitors from all major buying regions. Click for images or video .

The Mountain Vineyard Top 100 dinner event organised by Harald/Auslese was a tremendous hit. It helped attending vineyards to consolidate some of their quality long-term relations.

Handford Wines Holland Park (3 October 2012)

Enjoying a close relationship with Handford Wines of Kensington, we were pleased to have a branded stand at their annual SA Wine Extravaganza at The Orangery, Holland Park. With a wealthy clientele of serious buyers, Top 100 SA Wines were accessed by the best of the best. The event was commercially a huge success with substantial transactions concluded on the night and greater volumes to follow. We will work closer with the Handford team to capitalise further on the tremendous client list they enjoy coupled with our stellar and desirable branded range of Top 100 SA Wines.

All in all, it is satisfying to confirm that this has been an incredibly busy and very successful suite of marketing events over the past six weeks.