Morgenster releases new Italian vintages to their collection

Friday, 12 October, 2012
With Morgenster’s Nabucco 2010 and Tosca 2010 in its Italian Collection, winemaker Henry Kotzé has at last released his first reds for the estate.
Up till now he has made two vintages of Rosé (Caruso 2010 and 2011) and the Estate’s first white (Bordeaux styled Morgenster White 2011). 

Morgenster’s prized 1.6 hectares of Nebbiolo and 1.8 hectares of Sangiovese have now produced their seventh crops in pursuit of Italian owner Giulio Bertrand’s goal of making great Italian wines in South Africa from great Italian vines. A lot of work and research has gone into implementing latest best practice in the vineyards. Henry visited Italy twice in the last three years, once with Giulio Bertrand and recently with viticulturalist Bob Hobson.  The experience so gained, in pruning for example, has literally borne fruit and output has increased.

Giulio Bertrand comments that he doesn’t aspire to making wine like the Italians. “The objective has been to understand how the Italian winemakers think and to reach the heart of the grapes. Our Nebbiolo doesn’t follow the style of Barbaresco or Barolo, but its own.”  

Nabucco 2010
Nabucco 2010 is 100% Nebbiolo with the hallmark of elegance which befits this Italian varietal. As with all Morgenster’s reds this wine has been built to age well.  Considering the excellence of the vintage, its low pH and high acidity, Henry is tipping it as a winner both in the near future as it comes together and in 20 years time.

On the nose Nabucco 2010 introduces sweet red and black cherries, rose and lilac notes and hints of ripe tomato and cinnamon spice. The superb balance between sweet spice and fruit, and a cherry cranberry type tanginess makes for a very thought provoking and appealing palate. 

Nabucco 2008, 2009, 2010 Collection
2010 is the fourth vintage of Nabucco.  As usual Giulio Bertrand releases only a portion of any of his reds at launch date with the balance being evaluated and released in batches that showcase its progression. A limited number of 3-bottle cases have been released containing Nabucco 2008 (Nebbiolo, Merlot, Petit Verdot), 2009 (Nebbiolo) and 2010 (Nebbiolo) so people can enjoy this concept.

Tosca 2010

A different wine altogether, Tosca is adored by the ladies according to Henry.  “Maybe it’s that abundantly sweet, toffee, caramel bouquet and subtle tannins that attract all the attention. It sure enhances pastas, risottos and a wide range of other dishes”, he says. Made according to the Super Tuscan model, Tosca 2010 is predominantly Sangiovese (63%) with Merlot (25%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (12%). It has a bright deep red youthful appearance. The fragrance is of cranberries and flowery perfume, roasted tomatoes, cigar box with English toffee, caramel and sweet cinnamon spice.  On the palate the typical Sangiovese warmth and elegance with powdery tannins make Tosca 2010 irresistible now and hint at how gorgeous it will be in years to come. 

Caruso 2012
Morgenster’s Rosé made from 100% Sangiovese continues to delight and challenge perceptions. Caruso 2012 is a bright pink, offering up typical Sangiovese aromas of pomegranate and watermelon with rich spice. In the mouth it does its namesake proud, being rich and elegant with a soft velvety feel but having enough focus and length. The freshness of berries and soft cinnamon spice leave you anticipating the next luscious sip. Caruso is proving to be an all round winner, delicious on its own as an aperitif, yet pairing well with a wide range of dishes, including salads, rich poultry, tomato based sauces and strawberries and cream. 

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Morgenster italian Collection 2009 - 2011
Morgenster italian Collection 2009 - 2011

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