Place in the sun's sunshine survey asks what makes us feel good

Monday, 15 October, 2012
Place in the Sun Wines
Wine brand Place in the Sun is conducting a fun survey to find out what it is that gladdens the hearts of South Africans. Similar surveys conducted abroad have discovered that often small, everyday experiences have the capacity to lift our moods and make us feel more positive.
“Sunshine appears to be a significant mood booster in the UK,” says global marketing manager for the brand Deidre Samson. “Waking up on a sunny day, sitting in the sun or being involved in outdoor activities like swimming and picnicking feature among the top 30 reasons for feeling happy.  That’s understandable in a country subject to long, cold winters but we are keen to find out if good weather is as important for South Africans who are in some instances exposed to about 300 days of sunshine a year. We also want to know what else makes them smile.

“One study showed that finding money you’d forgotten about in an old pair of jeans was the most frequent reason for feeling good. Apart from the weather-related reasons, other often-cited occasions for happiness included going on holiday, getting into bed with freshly laundered sheets, getting a compliment, finding a bargain while shopping, hearing your favourite song and seeing old people hold hands.

“South Africans are exposed to high levels of stress and while some can be fairly short-tempered, we are also known as very warm-hearted and hospitable people. Many of us come from rural or peri-urban backgrounds. Are we positively affected by sounds of birds, smells of the veld or the first rains? It will be interesting to find out.”

Samson says the effect of sunshine appears to have such impact on people’s feelings of positivity that researchers in the US have posited a correlation between sunny weather and improved daily stock market returns.

She confirms that any person over the age of 18 can participate in the Sunshine Survey, available online at

The results of the survey will be made known later this year.

Place in the Sun, a range of one white and three red wines launched globally last year, is a Fairtrade accredited brand.  Growers are paid a premium for their fruit that is directed towards social development of the wine farm workers, who decide on how the funds are to be spent. Currently, premiums are funding early learning projects; tuition and school uniforms for the children of farm workers, stepped-up sporting activities and the creation of a vegetable garden to improve nutrition amongst local communities.

Place in the Sun Sauvignon Blanc.
Place in the Sun Sauvignon Blanc.

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