Wanted: Video Wine-Tasters for uniWines Vineyards Outdoor Festival

Tuesday, 9 October, 2012
uniWines Vineyards is looking for a wine-taster – but not just any wine-taster. During this week-end’s Breedekoof Outdoors and Wine Festival visitors will have the chance to show their television presenting skills by doing a wine-tasting for a video crew visiting uniWines Vineyards on Saturday, 13 October.
Meander Moscato TV (MMTV) is looking for the person who can give the best short, informative and enthusiastic description of the Meander Moscato wine in-front of the camera. The clips will be judged by a panel of wine and media experts, and the most engaging presenter will win a week-end for two at the tranquil Dwarsberg Trout Farm on the Breede River, near uniWines Vineyards’ Daschbosch winery, as well as some delicious Meander Moscato wines.

According to Pieter Cronje, marketing manager of uniWines Vineyards, the aim is to gather opinions from people who enjoy wine as a fun lifestyle product instead of a subject demanding intense and academic critical scrutiny.

“We want to hear and see these people enjoying wine and find out how they communicate the product in a short one-to-two minute video clip,” he said. “The focus will be on uniWines Vineyards’ Meander Moscato wine, which is all the rage at the moment – if this breezy, fruity wine does not get you talking, nothing will!”

The best video clips will be placed on a special youtube video channel as well as uniWines Vineyards’ marketing tools.

Visitors wishing to strut their presentation stuff must be at uniWines Vineyards, Daschbosch on Saturday between 10h00 and 16h00.

Says Cronje: “We are not promising to make you a television star, but it is going to be a lot of fun. And - you never know who sees your performance!”