Wine tasting in supermarkets

Thursday, 3 January, 2013
Cluver Markotter Incorporated
Under the 1989 Liquor Act which governed the sale of liquor in the Western Cape until the 31st of March 2012 supermarkets with grocers' wine licenses could not apply for an approval to offer wine for tasting similar to the approvals granted to the tasting rooms of wine estates.
The Western Cape Liquor Act which commenced on the 1st of April has changed the situation and opens the door for supermarkets to apply for an approval to conduct wine tastings.

According to Danie Cronjé, the Director of Liquor Law Services at Cluver Markotter Incorporated it is expected that a number of supermarkets will apply for the required approval judging by the number of enquiries their company had received in this regard in the past.

The Act also now makes it possible to charge a fee for wine tasting which was not the case under the 1989 Act, which stated that the wine offered for tasting by wineries had to be offered free of charge.