Open Letter from Robin von Holdt

Wednesday, 15 February, 2012
Top 100 SA Wines
In the matter between Dion Martin (Dionysus) and Robin von Holdt.
A number of comments have been made publicly over recent days. Comments and innuendo are being made that are not based on the facts of the above matter.

This is misleading and unhelpful as regards to accuracy and completeness. Neither is it helpful for the formation of factual views.


Dionysus publicly questioned aspects to do with the Top 100 Wine List Challenge in November last year. I responded to his series of questions, politely and quickly.

Dionysus then chose to draw comparisons of me that were, in my view, defamatory to me personally.

These comparisons had nothing whatsoever to do with Top 100 SA Wines cc. Top 100 SA Wines cc is not involved in this matter whatsoever.

These suggestions were vindictive and malicious and totally out of context. These allegations were made in the public domain.

My lawyers corresponded with Dionysus and offered the gentle and easy opportunity to simply apologise and retract his statements.

To date Dionysus has refused to do so in any substantive way. This is currently a legal matter and therefore it is sub judicae. It is in the hands of both of our respective attorneys.

As such it would be improper for me to comment on or to discuss the matter further, which is potentially going to be heard in Court.

Thank you for taking the time to read this open letter.

Yours faithfully

Robin von Holdt
14 February 2012