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Monday, 19 December, 2011
Friends and family have a way of adding colour to our lives, along with memories of great times spent together. KWV understands these special connections, presenting a range of fortified wines to celebrate these unforgettable moments.
Delightful in colour, taste and texture, the range includes Cape Tawny, Cape Ruby, Red Muscadel and Medium Cream. There has also been the recent addition of a Full Cream and a Cape Pale Dry Sherry, all of which form part of the KWV Classic Collection introduced earlier this year.

“We like to think that we are part of the bigger picture, transforming get togethers into extraordinary occasions. Adding a touch of quality and sophistication at dinner parties, where the fortified wines can be served as pre-dinner drinks with aperitifs or after dinner with delectable cheese boards”, says Chanel Kruger, Category Manager: Wine South Africa.

Steeped in the romance of history, fortified wines were first made in the 16th century, when winemakers added brandy to wines in order to preserve them for long voyages. Today this treasured tradition is still practiced in the production of Port and Sherry.

Port production originated in Portugal where adding brandy during the fermentation process, captures the natural sugar levels. Cultivars or grape varieties normally used include Tinta Cao and Tinta Roriz resulting in predominantly two styles of port: Ruby and Tawny. Ruby is a young wine, named after its bright red colour. KWV’s Cape Ruby port has a luxurious fruitiness with an indulgent taste continuum from plum and mulberry, to dried apricot with subtle hints of raisins. Layered with spicy fruit aromas, it is generally savoured after a meal as the perfect accompaniment to a decadent cheese board.

Tawny port, on the other hand, is a wine aged in barrels for a couple of years and has a deeper browner colour than the Ruby port, usually with distinctively honey aromas and nutty undertones. KWV’s Cape Tawny port is a classic, and the effect of prolonged wood ageing has enhanced this port with a concentrated tawny colour mixed with an irresistible coffee-toffee fragrant character. “We are very proud of the KWV Cape Tawny as it was awarded double gold at this year’s Veritas awards as a testament to the outstanding quality and its popular appeal”, adds Kruger. It can be enjoyed chilled with friends before a meal or to add a taste of elegance with chocolates after a meal.

KWV’s range of fortified wines also includes Sherry which can be enjoyed as an aperitif at room temperature in colder climates or chilled in summer. Originating in Spain, Brandy is added after fermentation takes place. The Fino grape was initially used to make sherry, resulting in a dry wine which is aged in the Solera system, where a portion is taken annually from each barrel for bottling. This practice allows the barrel to be topped up with wine that has freshly come off flor, creating a different dimension of fruit flavours. The KWV Medium Cream, Full Cream and Cape Pale Dry Sherry have varying degrees of sweetness.

KWV's fortified wines range offers a spectrum of different offerings, providing a delectable choice to accommodate different palates while adding an elegant dimension of sophistication to a meal enjoyed in the company of good friends.

KWV – The Initials of Fine South African Wine.

About KWV

KWV is one of the leading wine and brandy producers in South Africa. Its head office is located in Paarl, in the Western Cape – South Africa's top wine producing region. The company sources wines and grapes from the best and most sought after viticultural regions in South Africa. KWV is known internationally for brands such as Roodeberg, KWV Wines, Laborie, Golden Kaan, Cathedral Cellar, Café Culture and the KWV 3, 5, 10, 15 and 20 Year Old brandies.

KWV encourages consumers to enjoy KWV products responsibly. Products are not for sale to persons under the age of 18.