The Vergelegen picnic

Monday, 7 December, 2009
Vergelegen Wine Estate
"Men and women today do not spend whole days at the dining table and ten-course meals have disappeared. But more than ever before, food, through the choice of dishes and their preparation, forms an integral part of life and remains the natural expression of conviviality." Robert J Courtine, LAROUSSE GASTRONOMIQUE
It is in this spirit that we welcome you to the Vergelegen picnic. Enjoy delicious fare from your picnic basket in the magical surrounds of the Camphor forest whilst sipping your choice from our renowned range of wines.

The word picnic consists of "pic" meaning to pick at food and "nic" referring to something small. So, we have given you a superb selection of small things to pick at to please both the palate and the senses.

Begin with a delectable hors-d'oevre of tomato and gruyere cheese tart with rocket, grilled artichoke and pickled pepper salad served with olive tapenade and traditional French-style baguette.

The main course of mustard-crusted beef fillet, served medium, oak smoked chicken breast and thinly sliced gypsy ham, is served at your table on a hand-crafted pottery platter, with Dijon mustard on the side, and accompanied by a bow-tie pasta salad tossed with cling peaches in a light curry sauce, sprinkled with pecan nuts; broccoli, toasted sunflower seeds, blackcurrant and corn salad; barley, lentil gabanzo bean, sundried tomatoes in parsley vinaigrette. This is followed by camembert, Simonzola blue and red pepper farmhouse cheddar cheese with biscuits and seasonal fruit.

For the perfect ending to your meal, indulge in a layered orange shortbread with coconut, sultanas and ground almonds, accompanied by aromatic filter coffee.