Amorim's luxury stoppers on show in Monaco

Monday, 7 December, 2009
Amorim's core business, natural cork bottle stoppers, is also finding itself entering the arena of luxury goods. TopSeries® Amorim's Bar-Top natural cork closure sporting a variety of stylish designer finishes, was recently on display in the exclusive LuxePack Exhibition in Monaco.
TopSeries® is the exclusive capsulated, natural cork stopper developed by AMORIM's Luxury Unit and is used in stoppers for high-end spirits brands where packaging plays a major role in consumer acceptance of these products.

Available in four different market segmentations - Elegance, Prestige, Premium, Classic Value - the TopSeries® range of "Bar-Top" closures features unique technical solutions that seamlessly merge natural cork's environmental advantages with AMORIM's advanced closure design.

As discussed in a previous newsletter, bar-tops are also increasing in popularity in the South African market as a result of spirit producers' awareness of the fashion-consciousness of these consumers.