ARA launches practical guide for parents to talk to teenagers about alcohol

Friday, 30 May, 2008
Atmosphere Communications
The Industry Association for Responsible Alcohol Use, also known as the ARA, launched a book on 27 May 2008, entitled Teenagers and Alcohol - a practical guide that will assist parents in initiating conversations with their children about alcohol related issues.
Teenagers and Alcohol was produced by the Bishops Support Unit with funding and support from the ARA.

This booklet will initially be introduced as a pilot project into participating schools in Cape Town.

Schools which will participate in this project include St Cyprians, Pinelands, St Georges, St Josephs, Rhodes, Westerford, Rustenberg, SACS, Rondebosch, Groote Schuur, Wynberg Boys, San Souci, Springfield, Herschel, Reddam, Bergvliet, Wynberg Girls, Plumstead and International School.

"We are keen to see this booklet in as many homes as possible. It is timeous as a number of incidents have brought alcohol abuse into the national consciousness," says Adrian Botha, spokesperson for the ARA.

Botha also adds that it is expected that a number of people and organisations may be interested to use the booklet because of the quality of content and because it offers a practical manner to approach the problem of under-age drinking in particular.

About the ARA

The ARA is registered as a non-profit organisation with the Department of Social Development and is focused on the prevention of the negative consequences of alcohol abuse. The primary targets for its interventions are two broad groups, namely young people and those adults who are vulnerable and most at risk of suffering the negative consequences of alcohol abuse and misuse. The ARA's interventions are usually conducted in partnership with other stakeholders who share similar objectives.

The ARA was founded over twenty years ago by the major manufacturers of alcohol beverages in South Africa.

In 1989 the ARA adopted a strict Code of Commercial Communication which has been updated and expanded on a number of occasions since that time. The Code of Commercial Communication and two further codes of practice, which serve as guidelines for manufacturers, distributors and retailers, are published on the ARA website at