COVID status as from 27 March 2020

Friday, 27 March, 2020
Judy Brower |
In light of the 21 day lockdown in South Africa, the team are now all working from home. Our online services will continue, but we are unable to ship any wine during this time.

Our team are ever mindful of the COVID-19 situation. Most of the team has been working from home for the last week – with a few of us in the office frantically packaging boxes of wine for those keen to have their favourite tipple during the 3 weeks of isolation.


Our Online services - Listings, Advertising, Spotlights, NewsWinery Website development, Newsletter creation, CellarDirect Shop setup etc are all still available.



We are unable to ship wine during this time, so any orders placed on our Shop or CellarDirect cannot be delivered.  We can still process the orders and keep them on file and when we re-open, can get the wines to the customers.



Even though wineries cannot ship wines during this time, we can continue setting up the Winery Wine Shops in preparation for when we return to our new normal.
We have had an upsurge of interest in our CellarDirect sales platform for wineries, and have been launching a new wine shop almost daily!
Welcome to our recent additions: AalderingElgin VintnersZevenwacht, Remhoogte!

All of our CellarDirect clients are also featured in our shop - allowing consumers to choose from a range of wineries and paying cellar door prices
We are continuing to get these up and running during the lockdown - so if anyone is keen to get their SHOP set up and ready for when we return to normal - please do not delay - let us know - see more HERE and/or email



Remember that April is #WINEFORGOOD month - when we will share great stories of the wine industry.
We already have a story for every day in April until Freedom Day - 27th April (by which time hopefully we will be free from restrictions too!).
If you have a pressing good news video, story or photos to share - please send to


We are in the fortunate position for our online services to remain in operation, and will continue make information about our wonderful South African Wines available to the world.
I would really like to thank our team for really stepping up to the plate, as it is difficult to work from home with families and children with you. Awesome team!

Please share any of your great content with us, especially any special stories about how you are coping with the lockdown.
Please use our SUBMIT page to send in anything.

For updates on the COVID situation and impact on the wine world, see more HERE

We wish you a safe lockdown period and look forward to seeing you on the wires.

Warm wine wishes 

Judy, Kevin & the team

Judy Brower

Judy has been running alongside her hubby Kevin Kidson since 1996. She takes photos, attends functions, writes occasionally, sells services, is Mrs HR at the company, cooks yummy lunches from time to time and generally is the glue at

Kevin Kidson & Judy Brower getting the last orders out
Kevin Kidson & Judy Brower getting the last orders out

Bongs from Seabourne
Bongs from Seabourne

Bongs from Seabourne getting our wines safely to our customers
Bongs from Seabourne getting our wines safely to our customers

Judy Brower & Adele Dixon prepping boxes
Judy Brower & Adele Dixon prepping boxes

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