Heritage Day: Gooi kole and have nca wine with #tastesunshine

Friday, 21 September, 2018
11 Official languages can make for quite a "mengelmoes" in everyday communication. In South Africa, we think its just lekker to mix it up a little and borrow a few words. As Mzansi gears up to celebrate Heritage Day on the 24th of September we count down a few of our favourite unique South African words we'll be throwing around the braai fire as we open a bottle of SA wine and #tastesunshine.

One of our favourite local words is "kuier". The feeling of kuier can be described as "sharing a bottle of wine with friends while snuggled around a warm fire in winter, it’s opening a crisp Chenin on the rocks with a few fresh crayfish after a dive with your buddies, it’s a full bodied Shiraz around a braai with your family on a warm summer's night. It’s warmth, it’s hospitality, it’s friends. It’s good wine, good food and good company."

That's exactly the feeling we hope you will have this Heritage Day/ Braai Day. To get that "kuier" feeling, you will need some South African wine to help you #tastesunshine (its a little known fact that South African wine tastes like sunshine in a bottle). You will also need the following:

Chow  - food or mealtime

Shisa Nyama - Shisa nyama is a Zulu phrase and, literally, means to "burn meat". It describe a barbecue or braai where people (friends or families) come together to grill meat in an open fire.

Vriete - food

Nca (pronounced "Ntj-ah") an expression of appreciation or admiration, similar to "nice".

Have a nca Heritage Day!

Share your pics of you celebrating Heritage Day with your favourite South African wine on social media using #tastesunshine and tagging @winecoza and you could win 6 bottles of Braai Cabernet Sauvignon.


Braai wine 2017
Braai wine 2017

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