A word of thanks from Simonsig Wine Estate

Tuesday, 1 September, 2020
Simonsig Wine Estate
To say 2020 has been a torrid time is an understatement, but it has shown the mettle of South Africans. While the regulations on the industry have been relieved, we continue to stand in solidarity with the wider hospitality industry on the journey to recovery.

In terms of our own industry, the international #SaveSAWine campaign helped put our plight and much-needed exports in stark focus. We share the industry’s gratitude for the support from our international friends.

To see who many of them are, visit us at www.simonsig.co.za to locate our agents in Europe, the UK, Africa & Middle East, Americas, Asia and Australia.

Live to sparkle with Simonsig on #CapClassiqueDay

On September 1, South Africa celebrates Cap Classique Day and we hope you’ll join us in raising a glass of Simonsig. We’ve assembled a number of promotions to help spread our love for bubbles.

You’ll remember that the first bottle of Cap Classique was produced by Simonsig in 1971, marking an outstanding accomplishment that will forever be solidified in South African winemaking history. The Cap Classique legacy lies rooted in South African heritage; it celebrates equality, diversity and is unapologetically one of a kind. #Perfectedbytime is a caption that truly embodies Cap Classique, as it takes a minimum of 9 months to produce a single bottle.

This is the second year that Cap Classique Day is to be celebrated and to mark the event we’ve decided to deliver your wine for FREE with every purchase of a case or more of Kaapse Vonkel during the month of September.

We are also breaking with tradition and making older vintages available for sale through our online shop, which you can access here. In addition, we’ll be opening large bottles, which is always an occasion, so be sure to pay us a visit!

Keep an eye on our social media activity for weekly giveaways during September.

Follow @SimonsigWines on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Remember to share your #CapClassique moments by tagging and using hashtags #CapClassiqueDay #Perfectedbytime #SpectacularSA and #DrinkSouthAfrican.

Heads-up about our Pinotage 

We’re sure you’ll share our excitement about the Simonsig Redhill Pinotage 2018 that has been named a finalist in the Absa Pinotage Top 10 competition. If the judges approve and the wine is selected as one of the 10, this will be the eighth time Simonsig steps onto that podium.

Now in its 24th year, the competition attracted 149 entries from all the wine regions of South Africa. The winners will be announced at the end of September.

We're taking care of our vines

Nature waits for no-one, which is why our vineyard teams have been busy. The first vineyards - a young block of Chardonnay - began sprouting in mid-August. Simonsig has approximately 200ha under vineyard and we employ some 45 people for the current seasonal maintenance.

The main activity now is pruning, which extends from June to end-September. Our team is generally guided by an Italian consultant, but travel being limited as it has, training was provided via Zoom. It was an interesting exercise: our vineyard workers were assembled and instructed by a live video link. A session would then be repeated later in the day to assess their work.

Our pruning has been focused on creating smaller wounds on a vine, thereby reducing the risk of disease. By taking care of vine health, we improve quality in the fruit.

Other activities have included maintenance to trellising and controlling weeds by planting cover crops like lupins and triticale between the vineyard rows.  A mechanised hoe that we acquired last year also helps with the task.