Many moods of May

Tuesday, 14 May, 2024
La Motte
May has many moods... La Motte invites you to join them and enjoy the moodiness of May!

May has many moods. Mornings are often misty and perfect for a lay-in and a second cup of coffee. Evenings are cooler with the temptation of hearty dishes and another slice of bread. But often, the days are still bright and beautiful, begging us into the garden for a glass of rosé or into the mountains for an autumn meander.

Join us at La Motte and enjoy the moodiness of May!

Slow, simple joys

Make the most of mellow May days with a tranquil glass of 2023 Vin de Joie Rosé and a relaxed meal. Perhaps try the La Motte Bakery’s Ouma broodjie. All it needs is a generous smear of butter and that glass of wine.

Celebrating these easy joys is what our 2023 Vin de Joie Rosé is all about. Order 6 bottles during May and pay 10% less!

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Moody mountains

With summer temperatures a thing of the past and winter rains only part of our future planning, May is a spectacular time to enjoy mild autumn days on a mountainside hike.

Join us on for a hike along the side of the Wemmershoek mountains on the estate. Choose between a self-guided or guided hike, a morning walk with the misty valley below or a sunny afternoon excursion.

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Seasonal treats

Citrus season is here and it’s time to make the most of versatile, juicy lemons.

Try this delicious recipe for lemon possets. They are lovely and lemony and a little lighter than the wintery bakes we’ll soon enjoy.

It also gives you an excuse to have wine with dessert as it is beautifully complemented by the Vin de Joie Rosé.

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