News from Pebbles Project - October 2023

Tuesday, 24 October, 2023
Pebbles Project
As we start the final quarter of what has been a busy 2023, Pebbles Project reflects on the efforts made by their dedicated staff.

As we at Pebbles Project start the final quarter of what has been a busy 2023, we would like to take some time to reflect on the efforts and sacrifices that were made by our dedicated staff. We acknowledge the challenges that have been overcome, the skills honed, and the vital lessons learnt over the past few months.

We would also like to sincerely thank our donors and supporters for their continued support.

In the spotlight: Sister Briony

Sister Briony started at the Pebbles Clinic on 1 March 2022 as a clinical nurse practitioner.

She enjoys good food and a good laugh. “After all, laughter is the best medicine.” She loves meeting people from all walks of life and to learn more about what interests them, and spending quality time with her family. She also really enjoys spending time alone journaling, which helps her to put her thoughts into perspective.

Sister Briony is also a keen lover of the change of the seasons as it has taught her to appreciate the constant change in nature.

Her secret power is her ability to “keep it together” when things are falling apart.

Twinings Mobile Health Service

The dream team that is Sister Lenay and her partner in crime, Patrick, provided 1 308 patients from the Citrusdal farming communities with primary health care over the past three months.

On International Self Care Day, they visited the Elizabeth Primary School to raise awareness on the importance of self care.

The team also distributed donated clothing to the communities of Jakkelsvlei, Tierkloof, Jaap se Kop, and Paardekop.

For Mandela Day, in partnership with the local Department of Social Services, the team held a workshop at a rehabilitation centre for young boys awaiting trial. The workshop focused on gender based violence and how to break the cycle of abuse.

Hemel-en-Aarde Education Project

The Overberg region experienced heavy rains in the past couple of weeks which caused serious damage within the region. Not only were communities left without water for several days, but some are still without power due to the damages to infrastructure.

The Hemel-en-Aarde farming community definitely had it the worst with almost all access into the valley being closed or deemed unsafe. Sadly, the newly built bridge on route to the Pebbles Hemel-en-Aarde Education Project washed away, cutting off all access to the project for several days. The Overberg Municipality has been able to manufacture a temporary crossing to be used for the time being.

Even though we are truly grateful that the damages sustained was not as bad as some of our neighbours, the Pebbles Academy will need some structural repairs and some classroom resources will need to be replaced.

Should you wish to get involved and donate towards educational resources and building materials needed, please contact Madelein at

Early Care and Education Programme

The ECD practitioners took part in a MusicWorks practical workshop, creating songs which can be used in their respective classrooms. After the workshop practitioners were visited on-site by the MusicWorks facilitators, who mentored and supported with implementing what they had learnt during the training workshops.

The experience was an extremely valuable one for our practitioners with great learning and development – both personally and professionally.

School Enrichment – Computer Literacy Initiative

While facing challenges due to the extreme bad weather conditions, the Computer Literacy Initiative remained focused on fostering digital skills and independence for the After-School Club learners. The initiative makes use of the RapidTyping software, that aids in enhancing typing skills and computer proficiency.

Computer literacy training was conducted at Mt. Vernon where informative resources were distributed to assist with bridging the digital gap within the farming communities.

Learners also visited the Cape Town Science Centre as part of their holiday programme during October.

Pebbles Project Open Day

The Stellenbosch Open Day that was scheduled for 15 September was postponed due to heavy rainfalls.

On Friday 13 October the Open Day took place at the Pebbles Project HQ at Villiera in Stellenbosch from 11h00 to 14h00. The open day offered visitors the opportunity to meet the team, view the Pebbles fleet in all its glory, and see some of our programmes and initiatives in action. Visitors also enjoyed complimentary coffee and game drives during their visit, as well as the best baked treats prepared by the Pebbles Kitchen.

Global Nomadic Art Project

Most recently a group of Pebbles learners visited the Delaire Graff Estate for an engaging art experience. The focus of the day was on art and sustainability.

Time was taken to explain to the learners what opportunities there were to create art from natural materials while still respecting and honouring the land. Learners were then given the opportunity to put the lesson into practice.

Collecting natural materials such as rocks, leaves and feathers, the learners created geometric designs, using natural light and the shadows cast by their objects to guide their work. Using unwanted vineyard stumps, the learners were tasked with creating their own artistic interpretation of the Pebbles Project logo. After racing to collect the materials, they worked together to place them into the hand.

Once the artwork was completed, the group gathered, around the piece to discuss what they had learnt and shared their experiences of the day.