10 Wine tips that will make you sound like a rockstar

Wednesday, 24 May, 2023
Bonnievale Wines
You can drink wine and be cool with Bonnievale Winery's 10 wine tips that’ll make you sound like a rockstar.

Now, before we start, remember that not all rockstars are alike. For us at Bonnievale Winery, a rockstar is a stand-out. It’s about showing leadership and independence without being a snob. Here’s how to get there with wine.

1. Drink what you like

These 10 tips that’ll make you sound like a rockstar are precisely that. Tips. Rules, however, are for show-offs. So, if it’s fish on the menu and you feel like red, go for it. Screw-cap or cork? Who cares, as long as the wine’s good, right? Also, drink something different for a change, like the latest release Bonnievale Moscato.

2. Put ice in it

Same as number one, except this is about how you drink wine. Ice is a biggie. There’s a certain part of the wine community that might frown on ice in a glass, but who cares. Order that pink drink, like The River Collection Cinsault Rosé, and toss in a few cubes, you rebel you.

3. The bigger, the better

Big bottles are statement bottles. They’re also reputed to taste better than the standard 750ml. So, if you’ve got a party coming up, splurge a little. Go get that magnum.

4. You can't take it with you

Once you get into wine, you’ll be landing some “special” bottles. Wines like the Bonnievale Limited Release Cabernet Sauvignon just get better with age. Question is: when do you drink them? Unless you’re involved in some long-term study, don’t stress. Just drink them when the curiosity gets the better of you.

5. Wine doesn't need company (but it helps)

Some people frown on drinking alone. Again, the rules! Some wines, however, like the Bonnievale The River Collection Pinotage speak louder when the only distraction is a sunset, crackling fire or slow jazz.

6. Be passionate

Living passionately just has to be among the 10 wine tips that’ll make you sound like a rockstar. It’s what being a rockstar is all about. So, if you find a wine you like, get to know its story.

7. Share, glasses and bottles

Everybody loves someone who shares the good stuff. It’s not only about getting mates over for a glass of your wine. It’s also about giving good wine as gifts.

8. Chill when you should

Take responsibility for yourself. When you’ve had enough, just stop. It’s about leading by example here. That doesn’t mean no wine because there’s Bonnievale Neat!

9. Don't skimp on a party

Celebrations deserve to be done right, and that means stretching to enjoy some of the good stuff. It might be a bottle you’ve been saving for a while, or a few extra Rand you’ve had to haul out. Remember, these moments don’t come around every day – plus there are some great deals to be had too.

10. Show interest

Wine is such an easy gift. It’s always much appreciated. But you can go the extra mile by showing interest and asking the giver: what made you pick this wine out for me? It’s about spreading the love – and making the most of 10 wine tips that will make you sound like a rockstar.