What kind of wine is moscato?

Tuesday, 16 May, 2023
Bonnievale Wines
Moscato is increasingly enjoyed around South Africa, but what kind of wine is Moscato?

Moscato is increasingly enjoyed around South Africa, and made in traditional wine regions, but what kind of wine is Moscato? The question might be tackled best by first explain why this wine is so popular.

Also known as Muscat, Moscato is loved for its sweet, fruity, and floral notes. It is made from the Muscat grape, which is favoured for its distinct aroma and flavour. Moscato is a versatile wine that can be enjoyed as an aperitif, paired with light dishes, or even used in cocktails.

Moscato is definitely wine!

Moscato is generally a sweeter style wine that is low in alcohol content, typically ranging from 5% to 8%. It’s great for anyone seeking low alcohol wine and is characterized by effervescence, which gives it a light and refreshing feel. The bubbles in Moscato are created through a process called Charmat method that involves fermenting the wine in pressurized tanks.

Armed with the answer to what kind of wine is Moscato, you’re bound to make another discovery. A popular variation of Moscato is the Moscato rosé. This wine is made by adding a small amount of red wine to Moscato, which gives it a pink hue and a fruity flavour. Moscato Rosé is a perfect wine for warm-weather sipping, as it pairs well with light salads, seafood, and fruit desserts.

One example of Moscato in South Africa is Bonnievale Winery's all-new River Collection Moscato Rosé Perlé. Every sip unleashes succulent field berries on a suggestion of bubbles, giving the wine its fun-loving and refreshing character. Made from Muscat de Frontignan grapes, the wine is deliciously light-bodied and elegantly fruity. It is best served chilled and with some ice.

And while you’re investigating what kind of wine is Mocato, look into the foods it pairs well with too. The Rosé Perlé from Bonnievale is well suited as delicious refreshment at occasions of al fresco dining. Pair it with bountiful salads, crowd-pleasing hamburgers, pizzas, and spicy foods like curry.

Moscato is versatile

As with most Moscato’s, this wine is also a great wine for making cocktails. Its sweet and fruity flavor pairs well with various spirits, including vodka, gin, and rum. One of the most famous Moscato cocktails is the Bellini, which is made by mixing Moscato with peach puree. Another popular cocktail is the Moscato Sangria, which combines Moscato with fresh fruit and brandy.

Whether you prefer it as an aperitif, paired with light dishes, or mixed into a cocktail, Moscato is a versatile wine that is perfect for any occasion. So, the next time you’re in the mood for a sweeter style drink with effervescence, give Moscato a try! But never again will you wonder: what kind of wine is Moscato?