French wine marketer Christine Lundy gets appointed as Wines of Elgin’s new marketing manager

Wednesday, 3 May, 2023
Wines of Elgin
Wines of Elgin is delighted to welcome Christine Lundy to Wines of Elgin as marketing manager for the valley.

Christine brings extensive marketing and brand expertise as well as communication skills from not only the wine industry but also other industries such as advertising, luxury, and publishing. Born and raised in Paris and Burgundy she has a European mindset. Furthermore, she has lived in South Africa in both Cape Town and Johannesburg for over 23 years, she has therefore a sound understanding of the current market needs, locally and internationally which will enable her to take the Wines of Elgin brand to new heights.

“Little over 30 years ago Elgin was seen as South Africa’s prime apple growing region, today it is one of the most exciting terroirs in the new world with a track record of excellence. So, we have come a long way over a short time. The next step…to increase the scope of our regional marketing effort, to educate and excite consumers about Elgin, and to establish a strong identity around Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, both brilliantly suited to our cool climate. With this in mind, the decision to appoint a dedicated Marketing Manager for the region was met with overwhelming support.” Christopher Rawbone-Viljoen, Oak Valley’s managing director and chair of the Wines of Elgin.

Christine Lundy has an honours degree in Information and Communication, from the University of Lille, in the North of France. She started her career in advertising working for the prestigious advertising agency Publicis, focusing on luxury brands. She moved to London to work for luxury retailer Hermes where she met her South African husband. She pursued her career in advertising working for car brands, below the line, in Kent, England then British American Tobacco among others in Cape Town. Her career path took her to publishing then to build her own business, developing a baby and children brand, first manufacturing then licensing for an international market.

The economic crisis of 2008 gave her the opportunity to go back to her Burgundian roots and wine. She used her marketing skills first as a brand consultant, in PR and events then as her wine knowledge grew, thanks to her studies through Cape Wine Academy diploma, as a wine writer for, among others, Classic Wine Magazine and consequently for Food & Home magazine where she had the privilege to run the drinks column.

Due to family circumstances she moved to Johannesburg which gave her the opportunity to join the respected importer and distributor Great Domaines to run their marketing department for the past six years. In that process she developed her knowledge of international wines and brands and graduated with a WSET 3.

“I am delighted that Christine has joined Wines of Elgin. Her expertise in the wine world having worked at Great Domaines should help us in sharing the message of the incredible progress Elgin has made in producing truly world class wines,” says Paul Clüver, managing director for Paul Clüver Family Wines, and member of the committee.

“I am really excited about this new challenge. An opportunity for me to work with world class wines and build an exceptional brand thanks to an innovative approach, using the skills I have gained working in various luxury industries. It is also a fantastic chance to work alongside amazing wine minds, from business to winemaking and viticulture and be back in the vineyards”. Christine Lundy

Christine Lundy

Christine Lundy is a French wine and lifestyle writer and marketer passionate about creative storytelling in writing and visual form. She came to South Africa 23 years ago with her South African husband. Her creative career started in luxury retail, advertising, and publishing. Fate led her back to the vineyards. Having grown up with Pinot Noir from her family estate in Burgundy, she had always had a passion for wine. She studied with the Cape Wine Academy and then completed her WSET 3. As she learned more, she wanted to share her knowledge and started writing for a number of magazines, including Classic Wine Magazine and Food & Home, where she wrote the wine column. A move to Johannesburg gave her the opportunity to return to high-end marketing with fine and rare wine importer Great Domaines. Back in Cape Town, she was given the opportunity to share the Wines of Elgin story and became their marketing manager.