Southern Skies announces investment by global wine e-commerce tech doyen

Thursday, 20 April, 2023
Southern Skies
Commerce7 president, Andrew Kamphuis, is investing in Southern Skies' wine e-commerce business unit.

Southern Skies is pleased to announce an investment from world leading wine direct-to-customer (DtC) tech specialist and Commerce7 president, Andrew Kamphuis, into its wine e-commerce business unit.

Southern Skies group managing director, Andrew Douglas, was quoted as saying “Southern Skies has consolidated a variety of SA wine e-commerce assets and brands acquired over the last 12 months. We are reorganising these assets, customer databases and brands; and utilising shared operating resources, hiring world class talent, deploying leading technology, and enhancing our logistical capability to deliver expected long term growth.”

Douglas is currently leading a seed funding round to resource core foundational elements required for scale. Capital raised will also provide a healthy reserve for new acquisitions under exploration.

Douglas goes on to say, “We are delighted to have attracted investment from someone of Andrew’s international stature and standing. Andrew’s own business, Commerce7, provides wine direct-to-customer technology solutions for over 1 500 wineries globally, generating over a $1 billion in revenue per annum. We are inspired by Andrew’s belief in the potential for South African wine to be fully realised via the highly lucrative direct-to-customer channel in not only local but global marketplaces.”

Kamphuis says, “I believe the best years are ahead for the South African wine industry with direct-to-customer sales the biggest opportunity for sustained profitably for wine producers. Commerce7 has established a team in South Africa and I am personally based in Cape Town to oversee and support the development of our business here for the foreseeable future.”

Kamphuis added, “In the USA, DtC sales make up 37% of a winery’s sales on average excluding cellar door. In addition to technology solutions like Commerce7 there is a clear need in South Africa for digital marketing coaching, analytics and logistical support for micro, small and medium wine producers to optimise their DtC activities. The Southern Skies solution provides for this.”

Douglas foresees the next round of fundraising for Southern Skies e-commerce to be in 12-24 months time. The proceeds will be utilised to fund the international expansion of its activities to enable SA winery DtC capability abroad. A number of new acquisitions and distribution partnerships are currently being explored in key export territories.

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About Southern Skies e-commerce

Southern Skies e-commerce is a division of Southern Skies Investment Holdings housing a consolidation of direct-to-customer and "e-tail” assets including,,, and

Visit for more info.

About Andrew Kamphuis

Andrew Kamphuis is the founder and president of Commerce7, a leading direct-to-consumer sales platform designed to empower wineries with the right technology and tools to deliver exceptional customer experiences every step along the way. With over 1 500 wineries worldwide using Commerce7’s technology, the company generates turnovers exceeding $1 billion annually.

Andrew's track record in the software industry is a testament to his expertise and dedication. As a forward-thinking and results-driven business development professional, Andrew's skills in software development, sales, wine, marketing strategy, and digital marketing are second to none. His commitment to excellence and extraordinary vision have propelled Commerce7 to the forefront of innovation in the wine industry.

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Andrew Douglas, group managing director of Southern Skies
Andrew Douglas, group managing director of Southern Skies

Andrew Kamphuis, president of Commerce7
Andrew Kamphuis, president of Commerce7

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