Rhino Tears wine donates almost R3 million to anti-poaching efforts and launches new look and taste | #wineforgood

Tuesday, 2 August, 2022
Rhino Tears
Rhino Tears has raised around R3 million for anti-poaching efforts, and in celebration, the brand's upgraded its packaging.

Rhino Tears wines has raised just short of an incredible R3 million in donations to be used in anti-poaching efforts since its launch in 2015. The wine donates R15 of every bottle sold to aid in the ongoing war against rhino poaching within South Africa’s national parks (SANParks) and surrounding areas.

In celebration of this incredible milestone, the brand announced the launch of its upgraded packaging, as well as an improved product. This updated look and feel includes a new bottle shape, as well as a premium embossed label.

Rhino Tears is now available in an award-winning, full-body, dry red blend. This variant, which pairs perfectly with red meat, boasts bright, rich, ripe dark berry on the nose, withripe plum and strong floral notes.

In addition, Rhino Tears is now also available in an easy-drinking Sauvignon Blanc. Hints of nettle and fresh-cut grass, gooseberry and tropical fruit fill the palate, complemented by a well-structured, zesty dry finish. Great for game drives, sundowners, and everyday occasions.

“Over the last couple of years, the fight against rhino poaching has really struggled with funding, largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic and corporates cutting back on their donations to causes. With little support from the government, and local tourism taking a knock, it has become the responsibility of all South Africans to make sure that our wildlife is protected,”said John Hooper, founder of Rhino Tears.

Wine lovers can be confident that 100% of the funds raised through sales of Rhino Tears are used for anti-poaching projects in South Africa. Projects supported by the brand include the training of tracker dogs used to track poachers on the ground and purchasing equipment for field rangers. 

“Considering the selling price of Rhino Tears is R79,99, the R15 a bottle donation is a large portion of the costs. To date, we have raised around R3 million, more than any other wine brand in the world when it comes to saving rhinos. Thank you to everyone who has bought even just one bottle, your contribution is making a big difference and we couldn’t have achieved this without your help,” Hooper continues.

By purchasing just one case of Rhino Tears a month, buyers are contributing R90 towards a good cause and receiving great wine in return. Rhino Tears wine is available for purchase online at www.rhinotears.co.za.

Every bottle counts!