Pebbles Project good news stories: Dreams coming true for Annaline

Tuesday, 19 April, 2022
Pebbles Project
As part of our #wineforgood month, we're sharing good news stories of Pebbles Project making dreams come true. Today we tell Annaline's story.

Pebbles Project is a non-profit organisation in Stellenbosch that enriches the lives of disadvantaged farm children and families through education. Operating throughout the Western Cape, they have changed the lives of many vulnerable people. One of these people is Annaline, a former farmworker at Villiera in Stellenbosch. Read her story:

When we first met Annaline she was working in the vineyards on Villiera Wine Farm in Stellenbosch. But she always had the dream of working with children: “I didn’t know anything about being a teacher. All I knew was that it was my dream to work with children.”

Seeing the potential and passion within her, we recruited Annaline into our early childhood development (ECD) programme.

We employed her as an ECD practitioner at the Villiera ECD centre. She attended monthly training sessions on all lessons and educational activities that form part of the Pebbles Project ECD programme.

Still working as an ECD practitioner today, she receives on-site support from our qualified ECD team.

We can honestly say that Annaline has been an integral part of the Pebbles Project team for 17 years.

Both of her daughters attended the Pebbles Project ECD programme and After School Club. Her eldest is currently enrolled in our Early Adulthood Programme, which aims to provide young adults with sufficient information and guidance to make informed career decisions and to support them to become participating and responsible members of society.

Annaline is currently expecting her third child and she's very excited to be a part of the Pebbles Baby Box Programme. This programme provides a pregnant mother with antenatal and postnatal support to promote healthy pregnancies. All mothers enrolled in the Baby Box Programme receive essential items needed by the child and mother during the first few weeks of the baby's life.

“I will always be grateful to Pebbles! Pebbles has supported and encouraged me. They gave me a career and a safe space for my children to grow. I will never forget that.”

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