On becoming the first WSET certified educator in Indonesia, WSET interviews Ni Nyoman Kertawidyawati

Monday, 7 February, 2022
The nation of Indonesia is spread over 17,000 islands and is home to a population of 273 million people. There has been a long-standing history of alcohol consumption and appreciation in the country, but more recently, wine and spirits education has been steadily growing in popularity.

WSET caught up with Widya, the first certified WSET educator in Indonesia, on her story, opportunities for women in her profession and education in the Indonesian drinks industry.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how your career started

My name is Ni Nyoman Kertawidyawati, but call me Widya. I live in Bali, Indonesia and am currently working at one of the first wineries in Indonesia: Hatten wines which has been producing wine for 28 years. I am both the Head of Corporate Training and Development and the Head of the Hatten Education Center. The Hatten Education Center became the first WSET approved programme provider in Indonesia in 2017.

Since the beginning of my professional career, I’ve worked in the hospitality industry, and eventually, I came across wine. I later became the president of the Indonesia Sommelier Association Bali Chapter and I am passionate about the development programme of the young sommeliers in the association.

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WSET interviews Ni Nyoman Kertawidyawati
WSET interviews Ni Nyoman Kertawidyawati

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