Son of the Soil launches online store

Monday, 31 January, 2022
Son of the Soil Wines launches their very own CellarDirect shop.

Son of the Soil Wines is a wine range developed by Denzel Swarts, to share his experiences being a 3rd Generation farmworker and how the wine industry has influenced his vision for a better tomorrow. It's only natural for SOS Wines to join our CellarDirect shop, as we have been long admirers of his work within the wine industry, implementing upliftment and change to an industry that has been synonymous with transformation being put last. 

Run by husband and wife team, their mission is to inspire, empower, and strengthen communities through Authentic Leadership. Denzel and Nadae Swarts strive to create an environment where previously disadvantaged youth of the Western Cape can become active citizens and participate in building better communities. Breaking the cycle of poverty by minimizing school dropouts among youth.

Apart from being the founder of the Son of the Soil foundation and wines, Denzel also occupies the board at BLACC (Black Cellar Club) and is a certified sommelier and mentor through his foundation. His studies included various courses at Elsenburg, Cape Wine Academy, Stellenbosch University, South African Sommeliers Academy and most recently saw him complete a postgraduate diploma at the UCT Graduate School of Business.

Starting his own wine label was a long process. "It took altogether 6 years to eventually find the right producing partner" Denzel explained. 

About the Son of the Soil wine range

Break the Mould Chenin Blanc: This Chenin represents my early childhood phase, we often tell children they can become anything you like to be and see how easy they are able to adapt. The cultivar Chenin Blanc has very similar qualities, besides it being the workhorse of the wine industry, it can adapt very quickly and it's able to produce from Cap Classique to Brandy (showcasing its versatility).

The Undiscovered Jewel Pinotage: Pinotage is South Africa’s first own cultivar and was very badly received by the international market until it won on an international stage which assisted to restore its reputation, so too, this cultivar represented my Teenage years as a farm child who was discovered and after being assisted and polished up in his wine education, restored the perception with which many rural/ farming teenagers are struggling with.

The Infinite Sparkle Cap Classique: This wine represents achievements and celebrations in everyday society. For me, this wine celebrates the farmworkers on whose shoulders I have built my career and achievements. It furthermore celebrates what was, what is and what is yet to come.  

Son of the Soil Wines is now available through's Direct to Consumer Shopping platform 

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Denzel Swarts - Founder of Son of the Soil Wines
Denzel Swarts - Founder of Son of the Soil Wines

Son of the Soil Break the Mould Chenin Blanc.
Son of the Soil Break the Mould Chenin Blanc.

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