Bosman Wines - Looking towards a sustainable future

Friday, 14 January, 2022
Bosman Family Wines
Did you know that Bosman Hermanus was recently awarded BWI Championship status? Underwritten by the WWF, this means every aspect or every process on our farm in the Upper Hemel-en-Aarde Valley is done with sustainability as the priority. This prestigious Conservation Champion programme recognises environmental leaders in the Cape winelands.

Initiatives there include the clearing of aliens from the areas between the vineyards, including a pristine wetland, to allow the natural fauna and flora to thrive and to restore the water table. Thus vegetation is chipped to serve as mulch on the ridges of the vine rows. Cover crops are planted in between the rows and rolled flat in spring to feed the soil and create mulch.

To date over 290 indigenous ‘fynbos’ species have been identified on the farm and we are propagating these in our plant nursery endemic to spur on rehabilitation of the veld.

The tasting room is also focussing on sustainability. Coffee is sold in bamboo cups while farm workers earn extra cash by turning used wine bottles into drinking glasses, and making up bunches of indigenous flowers to sell.

So when you visit us, you can be assured that you a treading lightly on this beautiful corner of our planet.