A cork dork’s guide to alternative wine closures

Tuesday, 11 January, 2022
Vinepair, Emily Cappiello
While alternative styles of bottle closures are nothing new to the wine world — as screw caps and composite corks are becoming industry staples — there are myriad new types of wine closures that have been making the rounds lately.

Yes, there is something incredible about a cork: The popping sound. The smell. The timelessness of it. But some winemakers have made the decision to swap out the closure we all know and love for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s about market differentiation. For others, it’s about supply chain demand. And for yet another group, it’s a way to be a bit more sustainable. But any way you slice it, these cork substitutes are all about improving the art of winemaking — and wine drinking.

Alt nation

Britt Richards, winemaker for Head High in Sonoma, Calif., says that the brand uses screw caps for convenience now — a smart move with RTD cocktails and canned wine still hot on the market. Screw caps help make the wine portable and re-sealable, enabling bottles to be enjoyed throughout the course of a few days rather than all at once. She also notes that screw caps help with mitigating spoiled and tainted wine.

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A cork dork’s guide to alternative wine closures
A cork dork’s guide to alternative wine closures

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