Young drinkers flock to organic wine

Monday, 27 December, 2021
Wine-searcher, Oliver Styles
With the festive season undoubtedly taking up everyone's time, here's the latest round-up of news stories that may have passed you by.

Organic wine consumers on the rise and getting younger - survey

A survey of wine drinkers across the UK, France and Germany has found that while wine consumption has fallen, organic wine consumption is on the rise – and its consumers are getting younger. The Millésime Bio/Ipsos study, conducted across 3000 consumers (1000 consumers, over 18, in each country) between September and October, found an average ten percent rise (from 2015) in those saying they bought organic products and, while wine consumption generally appeared to be going down (73 percent of Europeans had tried wine in the last six months, against 82 percent six years ago) organic wine consumption appears to have climbed. 

Nearly a third (29 percent) of European respondents said organic wines were part of their regular purchases – against 17 percent in 2015. In France, regular organic wine consumption had more than doubled, from 17 to 36 percent in six years.

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Young drinkers flock to organic wine
Young drinkers flock to organic wine

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