WINEFORGOOD - Nuy Winery invests in the future with a first bursary

Friday, 2 April, 2021
Nuy Winery
Louis Martin from Paarl was the first recipient of a Nuy Winery bursary in 2019. Martin, who had begun work as press assistant in 2017 and later as intern at Nuy Winery, has since completed his studies at Boland College in Worcester in farm management.

One of the bursary conditions was that upon completion of his studies, Martin will continue his career at Nuy Winery and was subsequently appointed as assistant winemaker in January 2021.

"Viticulture was my first career choice; my love for winemaking was born at Nuy Winery," says the 23-year-old Martin.

Martin's future plans will focus on capitalizing on the opportunity that Nuy Winery offered him and further developing his expertise under the watchful eye of his mentors, Paul Burger and Christo Pienaar.

When asked why Nuy Winery offered the bursary and whether they would consider doing it again, cellar master, Christo Pienaar replied: “We were excited about the potential we saw in Louis and would definitely offer the bursary again if a deserving candidate comes forth.”

Nuy Winery and their board members are enthusiastic about Martin's future at the cellar and look forward following his career in the industry.

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Nuy Assistant Winemaker Louis Martin
Nuy Assistant Winemaker Louis Martin

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