#OORSKOTWYN – exceptional wine specials to clear wine cellars before harvest

Thursday, 18 February, 2021
Kevin Kidson | wine.co.za
Buy wines directly from wineries at greatly reduced prices. The 2021 harvest is here and many wineries are still sitting with stock thanks to three alcohol bans since COVID began. Let's help them clear their cellars!

One of the major problems affecting the wine industry right now is that the prohibition on sales of alcohol during the 3 lockdowns has meant there is still loads of wine sitting in winery cellars. Under normal circumstances this wine would have been sold and the cellars would be empty and ready for the next vintage to come in. This works like clockwork year in and year out... until COVID.

Mother nature goes ahead despite pandemics, the grapes are ripening on the vines and need to be harvested and made into wine and bottled and stored. But the cellars are still full from last year.

The wineries need to make space, urgently.

Enter #OORSKOTWYN: Some seriously special pricing from a selection of wineries - all online (direct from the winery) and delivered to your door anywhere in South Africa ( SA ONLY – sorry! )

As from 1 Feb, look out for the #OORSKOTWYN campaign, with all wines under the campaign being sold at great prices.

We call on all wine-lovers to visit CellarDirect to see which wineries have special offers, and help the wineries to stay afloat in these difficult times.

Oorskot is a lovely Afrikaans word meaning 'over supply' or 'surplus' so a great South African approach to clearing the cellars to make way for the 2021 harvest.

It has never been a better time for consumers to buy wine, at prices unlikely to be matched in future.

Visit CellarDirect to see all the latest specials

CellarDirect is a SAAS (software as a service ) system built specifically for the SA wine industry that facilitates direct sales from wine producers to consumers. It is a wine.co.za initiative.


In order to ensure hospitals were prepared for the onslaught of COVID cases, the South African Government decided to ban the sale and consumption of alcohol, as the abuse of alcohol seemed to make up huge numbers of trauma cases at hospitals.

  • The 1st alcohol ban ran from 25th March to 1 June 2020, an unprecedented ban on alcohol throughout South Africa (not only were local sales banned, but exports also were disallowed for 5 weeks, adding further damage to the industry).
  • The 2nd ban ran from 13 July to 17 August 2020.
  • The 3rd ban was announced on 28th December 2020 - with no end in sight.

Even though at times sales were allowed, there was a period also when sales were limited to Monday through Thursday only, and wineries were not allowed to sell on weekends.

This finally changed when it was acknowledged by bra Cyril in November that wine tourism in fact is a valuable industry and that wine tastings were allowed at wine farms.

Them in December 2020, there was a major surge in cases affected by the 2nd wave of COVID - and in order again to ensure hospitals could cope with the influx, on 28th Dec, in the middle of the festive season, President Ramaphosa announced (seemingly without consultation with the industry) that ALL alcohol sales were prohibited with immediate effect), without a clear end in sight.

With harvest already started at some (mostly MCC producers) and our cellars full thanks to the alcohol ban, wine.co.za's CellarDirect (DTC) platform is offering a solution to both wineries and consumers - running great specials under the #OORSKOT banner.

Participating Wineries:

Avontuur   I   Cloof   I   Dacha   I   Darling Cellars   I   Lyngrove   I   Mellasat   I   Richard Hilton   I   Robertson Winery   I   Spider Pig   I   Upland   I   Val du Charron   I   Zidela   I   Zevenwacht

OORSKOT Wine Specials
OORSKOT Wine Specials

Val du Charron Oorskot #savesawine
Val du Charron Oorskot #savesawine

Avontuur Oorskot Spectacular Wine Specials
Avontuur Oorskot Spectacular Wine Specials

Darling Cellars Oorskot Wine Specials
Darling Cellars Oorskot Wine Specials

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