These SA wine labels have just been named among the best in the world

Wednesday, 30 September, 2020
Business Insider,
The wine brand Orpheus & The Raven has been shortlisted for the annual award for Best Design & Packaging for Wine by The Drinks Business, a UK-based publication which covers the global beer, wine and spirits industries. Only four other brands were shortlisted in this category, and the winner will be announced next month.

The Orpheus & The Raven range is owned by South African winemaker Etienne Louw and graphic designer Brenden Schwartz, of BRAVO Design in Cape Town. BRAVO designed the labels, which feature hand-drawn, baroque-style sketches in the style of 16th century German artist Albrecht Dürer. The labels were inspired by the Greek play Orpheus in the Underworld, and each feature scenes with Orpheus and his sidekick, Raven. The personal experiences of Schwartz and Louw are also depicted on the labels.

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