Tanagra's good deed benefits McGregor community

Tuesday, 14 April, 2020
Myrna Robins
As locals in this village and valley know, Tanagra Winery & Distillery has always been in the forefront when it comes to responding to any charitable project or need. So it was little surprise that Robert and Anette Rosenbach announced that they were producing hand sanitiser free of charge to our community.

Although this boutique operation is limited in terms of output, Robert decided that this was a product that could fill a need especially to those households crowded into small areas. So he downloaded the formula provided by the World Health Organisation, then turned to SARS requesting a permit to use the alcohol necessary without paying the standard customs rate. A temporary rebate has been put in place for the length of the lockdown, and he received the confirmation from SARS and went into production, as the photo shows. He is absorbing the costs of the other ingredients (glycerine, peroxide, etc).

Then, following negotiations with the McGregor SAPS, he arranged delivery that would not flout regulations.

Today locals in need can drop off their empty clean containers at a local food shop, from where the police will pick them up and bring them to him at the winery. They will also deliver the filled bottles back to the little food shop where locals may obtain their supply, limited at present to 500ml per person.