#BestValue Chenin Blanc Tastings 2019 – Results

Thursday, 18 July, 2019
The top five wines from the inaugural WineMag Best Value Chenin Blanc Tastings 2019 have been released.

Seeking to find the best examples of Chenin Blanc between the R60 and R120 price points, the wines were tasted blind by our three judges: Malu Lambert, Spencer Fondaumiere and Jolette Steyn with scoring done on the 100-point system.

A big takeaway was the feeling that South African Chenin Blanc is coming of age. Dubbed the ‘Cinderella grape’; it has transformed from the drab and dreary workhorse varietal it once was, to a serious contender in the world of fine wines. On the other end of the value spectrum, affordable Chenin has never been in better shape, and it’s clear from the numbers that people are drinking it too.

Ken Forrester, a founder and chairperson of the Chenin Blanc Association commented on this recently: “Last year, it was the only white varietal to show export growth, with year-on-year volumes up by 5%, a performance that forms part of a long-term pattern. Exports have been growing virtually without interruption since the start of the century.  Between 2010 and 2018, volumes were up 19%. At home, the story is the same.  Last year alone, volumes grew 45%.”

There’s never been a better time to explore the world of Chenin!

The top five #BestValue wines, at this price point, are as follows:

To read the full tasting article including key findings, tasting notes for the top five and scores on the 100-point quality scale.  

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