#wineforgood: Sips for Sight - The Blind Tasting wine in support of Innovation for the Blind

Wednesday, 17 April, 2019
Innovation for the Blind
Imagine having a glass of wine with no idea what wine it is because you’re visually impaired? A whole new meaning to a blind wine tasting. Innovation for the Blind’s 'The Blind Tasting' wine encourages wine lovers to close their eyes and open their minds to experience it as the blind would.

Produced specially for Innovation for the BlindThe Blind Tasting red blend contains aromatic layers of cranberries, spicy dried herbs and fruit cake, with undertones of cinnamon and dark chocolate. The palate is well rounded with nuances of cedary oak on a juicy tannin structure, extending to an elegant finish.

Malan explains: “The Blind Tasting is an exquisite blend of Shiraz and Cabernet, which was aged on oak for two years. At only R80 per bottle wine lovers are invited to take up the challenge of closing their eyes, opening their minds and enjoying a blind tasting with friends.

“We want you to test your senses – taste, smell and knowledge of wine – in support of the blind. By removing your one sense – sight – which normally works the hardest, you may just experience a whole new world. The Blind Tasting is a unique wine concept in partnership with KWV and Bravo Design. The bottle comes with a bracelet, threaded by the visually impaired with additional disabilities, which you can wear with pride, knowing that you’ve given someone dignity. Then close your eyes again…and say thank you,” Malan concludes.

All funds generated through this project will be channeled towards the care and support of visually and additionally impaired adults cared for by Innovation for the Blind. 2250 bottles were sold in 2018 with approximately 1000 bottles left. On the 12th of April, the first ever Sips for Sight event was held in association with Worcester Wine and Olive Route to raise more funds for Innovation for the Blind and the Blind Tasting wines were available for purchase. Look forward to more of these events where you can enjoy a glass of wine and contribute to a worthy cause.

Order at info@innovationfortheblind.org or visit www.innovationfortheblind.org for more info. You can also contact Rachael on 023 347 2745.

Innovation for the Blind, previously known as the Institute for the Blind, is situated in the Care Capital of South Africa, Worcester. This non-profit organisation, which celebrates 137 years of making a difference, empowers visually impaired persons to reach their full potential in a world tailor made for persons with five senses – see, hear, smell, taste and feel. As a high functioning, transparent and accountable Non-Profit Organisation, Innovation for the Blind is constantly investigating new funding opportunities in ways that distinguish it from the rest.



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