What are you doing this #HeritageDay? How about tasting some sunshine?

Monday, 24 September, 2018
There is a beautiful word we use in South Africa ; ‘kuier’

The quick translation is to stay, but it goes a lot further than that. It’s sharing a bottle of wine with friends while snuggled around a warm fire in winter, it’s opening a crisp Chenin on the rocks with a few fresh crayfish after a dive with your buddies, it’s a full bodied Shiraz around a braai with your family on a warm summer's night. We will shisa nyama: burn some meat with family and friends.

It’s warmth, it’s hospitality, it’s friends. It’s good wine, good food and good company.

South Africans love to invite visitors into our homes, it is what we do. We throw some meat on the braai (barbeque), toss some salads into a bowl and then we sit around chatting for as long as possible. We kuier.

We are asking every South African around the world to show their new found friends just what this means, and we invite you to join us.
On our Heritage Day, 24 September every year from now on, we will all invite a few friends over to a braai, we will open a few bottles of lekker South African wine, and we will let those friends taste some of our sunshine.

We are asking you, the representatives of our wines around the world, to get involved in this initiative. Spread the word, host your own braai on the day, or join one of the many public or private events around the world.

Open up a bottle of South African wine, share some of our sunshine, and come kuier with us.

wine.co.za is  encouraging  every South African embassy, every South African business, and every South African around the globe to show the world just how we kuier and just how lekker our wine is.




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