Zonnebloem appoints Dumisani Mathonsi as lead white winemaker

Tuesday, 3 July, 2018
Zonnebloem Wines
Dumisani will work closely with Cellar Master, Elize Coetzee, to continue crafting superior quality wines for the brand.

Having started his winemaking journey as an assistant winemaker 14 years ago, after graduating from Stellenbosch University with a Bachelor of Science degree in agriculture, Dumisani gained extensive winemaking experience within the wine region and through his travels to various wine-growing regions around the world, including harvesting in France and California.

Having been fortunate to travel and work with various winemakers around the world, Dumisani hopes to bring his knowledge and expertise to his new team and for it to positively influence the future wines he produces. “I am very much looking forward to working with a new team as we explore ways to further develop what are already considered great wines. I love to experiment with new methods and processes, as I believe this will help me in crafting something truly extraordinary for consumers.”

Although well-versed in producing both red and white wines, Dumisani’s favourite white varietal is Chardonnay. “There was just something so spectacular about this versatile grape – Chardonnay is the king of the white grapes varietal because it is a very adaptable wine style. The grape is very forgiving and can handle harsh growing conditions better than most white grapes. The Chardonnay grape is also very resistant to diseases and makes exceptional oaked or unoaked wines.”

Dumisani’s says that with each bottle produced, he hopes to deliver consistent quality, pleasure, and great satisfaction – the same feeling Zonnebloem wine lovers have been relishing for years. “Although I often get nervous when it comes time for consumers to drink my wine, I get very excited too, as it’s all about creating a delicious wine for the perfect occasion. I believe that in my new position I will be afforded the opportunity to produce stellar varietals with the help and support of my experienced winemaking team.”