Vote for Pebbles in the #Vote4Charity competition

Friday, 8 June, 2018
Pebbles Project
Please take a minute to vote for Pebbles in the #Vote4Charity competition if you haven’t already done so. It won't cost you a thing but each vote will get Pebbles R5 in the #Vote4Charity competition and if you share your vote on social media, we will get another R5.

How it works:

  1. Vote online at
  2. Voting is conducted in a single category: you can search and filter by region and name (Seach for Pebbles Project)
  3. Only MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet cardholders can vote (if you don’t have a card yet you can sign up immediately online or via the app to get a card number).
  4. One vote per supporter.
  5. Every vote secures a R5 donation for the organisation you voted for.
  6. After voting you can share your vote on social media/via email to get others to join in and vote for your charity too. If you share and get a referral (they don’t have to vote, they simply need to click on your link) we will donate another R5 towards the cause you voted for. You can only share directly after voting. Only one R5 referral per voter.

The competition closes on the 18 June

There is a live leader board on the site and you can see how much each charity in the Top 10 has raised.

Please share this with friends and family so we can get more votes.