Cook with Danie and Fritz

Pair a good glass of Swartland wine with two gregariously sociable men in a kitchen while a camera is rolling, and see just how creatively food and wine pairings can come alive!

We partnered our owner and cellar master, Danie Malan and blogger Fritz Brand of Real Men Can Cook to produce a series of informative, entertaining and enjoyable cooking videos aimed at showing that ‘real men’ can indeed cook very well.

The interactive cooking sessions, Cook with Danie and Fritz, explores the origin of our signature wines, and offer tips and guidance for some mouth-watering dishes which pair perfectly with our estate’s wines - from starters, right through to desserts. In this episode, Fritz prepares Springbok Carpaccio and Melba Toast, and Danie chats about Chenin Blanc and Tinta Rosé.

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