Saturday, 14th October marks National Pinotage Day

The day to celebrate South Africa’s specialty, a crossing of Pinot Noir and Cinsaut.

First crossed in 1925 in the gardens of local scientist Abraham Perold, the variety has gone on to be both loved and misunderstood. Perold’s goal was simple – he wanted to create a wine that was as delightful as Pinot Noir but that grew as well as Cinsaut. This was because Pinot Noir is a very temperamental, cool climate grape that’s not always at home in our hot South African soils. His unexpected crossing yielded a very black grape that was high in tannins and mightily bold.

Over the decades, Pinotage has weathered several storms, but despite the lashes of international disregard, our local talented winemakers have been steadfast, refining the variety to elevate its finest qualities. Today, there’s a new wave of Pinotage bounding its way through the winelands – one that highlights the attractive attributes about the wine, such as cranberries, violets and plum aromas with a hints of vanilla. Here at Fairview, we’re proud to offer a variety of Pinotage styles, from our easy-drinking lifestyle La Capra selection, our classic Fairview Pinotage to our Single Vineyard, award-winning Primo Pinotage.