Come and #tastesunshine with on Braai Day - wherever you are in the world

Wednesday, 26 July, 2017
Judy Brower -
South African Wines are attracting more and more attention around the world - and as part of's 21st celebrations, we invite you all to #tastesunshine with us on Braai Day (aka Heritage Day) on Sunday 24th September.

Turning 21 is quite a milestone, and so we thought we would share this moment with the world.

We invite everyone to light the fire on Braai Day, Sunday 24th Sept, open and share some great South African Wines (try to extend the reach a little - so do try to find people who have not yet had the delight of SA wines - tricky as this may be), and take some great pics of your day and share them using #tastesunshine. 

Join us as we take a little bit of South African sunshine out to the rest of the world through our wines.


We would love to have people participating in every country in the world, and already have sign ups in 9 countries - in Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Kenya, Madagascar, South Africa (of course), Uganda, UK and the USA, and we expect this to grow with your help.

Please share this with your friends, agents, embassies, family, distributors, importers, travel agents, tour operators, retailers, hotels, restaurants etc all around the world so that they can join us. It is really simple - just sign up on

If you are a Facebook fan - sign up and share from HERE. was established in 1996 by Kevin Kidson and Judy Brower with a vision to create an online platform to showcase South African Wines, and currently, attracts more than 50 000 unique readers from around the globe every month. We have served millions of pages of South African Wine information over the years and proud to have done our bit in creating a positive awareness of South African Wine.

So do come and #tastesunshine with us on Sunday 24th Sept - Anywhere in the world and let's make this the biggest tasting of South African Wine ever held!



Judy Brower

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