Team SA 2016 achieves 6th position at the Wine Tasting World Championship

Tuesday, 11 October, 2016
South African Wine Championship
While China dethrone Spain as World Champion, Team South Africa 2016 achieved a prestigious 6th position at the Wine Tasting World Championship organized by La Revue du Vin de France in Provence.

The 4th Wine Tasting World Championship saw 21 countries competing for the ultimate title, and the Chinese victory sent a shockwave in the wine tasting community, with the USA achieving bronze for their second participation. It is clearly a new trend in this competition usually dominated by European countries.

Team South Africa 2016, lead by Anita Streicher Nel in the role of Captain, is comprised by Heidi Kritzinger, Stephanie Wiid and Dean Ehrlich. The 6th position they achieved is the best ever for Team South African, enabling them to defeat the world title owner, Spain, and the majority of the other prominent wine countries.

The competition made team South Africa identify some of the 12 wines that were served to Streicher’s teammates, using just their palate memories to identify the cultivar, country, appellation, vintage and producer of the wines.

The wines were:

- Swartland Chenin 2015 from South Africa by David Sadie

- Wairarapa Chardonnay 2014 from New Zeland by Ata Rangi

- Rheinessen Riesling 2015 from Germany by Wittmann

- Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc 2005 from France by François Cotat

- 2015 Viognier from Lebanon by Ixsir

- Tuscan Sangiovese 2010 from Italy by Felsina

- Cahors Malbec 2012 from France by Chateau Chambert

- Languedoc Syrah 2005 from France by Domaine Peyre Rose

- McLaren Vale Shiraz 2009 from Australia by D’Arenberg

- Californian Pinot Noir 2012 from the USA by Ojai

- Jumilla Mourvèdre 2014 from Spain by Bodegas El Nido

- Jurançon Petit Menseng 2014 from France by Domaine Cauhape

Team South Africa 2016 was selected out of the winners of the South African Wine Tasting Championships. This yearly competition aims at giving all wine lovers the opportunity to show their talents and the best of them fly to the world championship. Team South Africa 2016 was coached by Sommelier Jean-Vincent Ridon and received the support of Dominique Laporte, Best Sommelier of France, to train before the competion.

Anita declares: "I want to thank each and every one for the support during the preparation and practice in the run-up to the championship; we have been greatly inspired by so many people on our journey. Although it was a very tough contest this year, each member of the team brought their invaluable skill and experience to the table which I believe secured us the 6th world ranking."

The full result is:

  • China with 108 points
  • France with 106 points
  • USA with 100 points
  • Belgium with 99 points
  • Andorra with 98 points
  • South Africa with 92 points
  • Finland with 87 points
  • Luxembourg with 80 points
  • Poland with 79 points
  • Spain with 76 points
  • United Kingdom with 69 points
  • Russia with 68 points
  • Switzerland with 55 points
  • Sweden with 53 points
  • Hungary with 53 points
  • Portugal with 49 points
  • Argentina with 49 poins
  • Italy with 48 points
  • Belarus with 42 points
  • Japan with 36 points
  • Monaco with 23 points

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4th Wine Tasting World Championship Participants
4th Wine Tasting World Championship Participants

Team SA and Team China
Team SA and Team China

4th Wine Tasting World Championship
4th Wine Tasting World Championship

Heidi from Kanonkop with Captain of Team China
Heidi from Kanonkop with Captain of Team China

Team SA and Team Monaco for the Princess
Team SA and Team Monaco for the Princess

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