Beaumont Family Wine Estate gets a fresh new look

Thursday, 10 September, 2015
Beaumont Family wines
Beaumont Family wines has given a new fresh look to their brand to share visually their true story and to reflect the work accomplished by the new generation of Beaumont!

To meet this challenge, the branding agency Whitespace Creative focused on the family crest as the heart of the positioning and design. ‘The crest symbolises the family, their history and their purpose,” says Sean Harrison, creative director at Whitespace Creative. “The family crest was always used as the symbol in their branding and is worn by each family member in a signet ring as one of many family traditions,” Harrison adds.

Speaking more specifically about the design process Harrison says, “‘the problem was that the crest on the logo used in their branding was the same in content but different in styling to the one on the ring. Chosen as the authentic reference to the original Beaumont family crest, the ring was photographed, enlarged and redrawn. We believe this process brought the crest back to its former glory, refined and slightly improved. The typography was cleaned up and modernised retaining the very recognisable ligatures that help link the old branding with the new.”

“In an attempt to match image with substance, the clean contemporary design now represents the classic, balanced and elegant wines that the family produces. The cotton paper, printed in black only and embossed reflects the simple and humble farm aesthetic, an authentic Overberg working farm with white washed walls and black tinned roofs,” says Tania Harrison head of strategy at Whitespace Creative.

“‘The label design was used as inspiration for all other brand expressions, the stationery, photography, the signage, the ‘newspaper' brochure, tasting notes and website. The brand is a sum of its parts and has to modestly and consistently communicate the unique and relevant positioning of the place and its people. The brand needs to tell the compelling story of the Beaumont family in an engaging and relevant manner,” Tania adds.

Notes to the editor:

About the Beaumont Crest

Originally found in the family signet ring, the roaring lion represents honour and courage and serves as a symbolic message of balance – a quality synonymous with their wines. The crest roots and represents the connection between farmland and family. It finds expression in their brand and personifies a place of passion, simplicity and charm.

About Sean Harrison

Sean Harrison has been acknowledged by the creative industry as one of the most highly respected creative directors in South Africa. Founder of the 20 year old agency initially known as Code (Company of Designers), now Whitespace Creative, he has won numerous local and international awards and has been elected as a judge for a number of them such as Cannes Awards and the Loeries.

About Whitespace Creative

Whitespace is a creative agency specialising in the creation, development and marketing of brands. Ideas, design excellence and marketing experience are what set Whitespace apart from the rest of the playing field. The agency believes in conceptualising big ideas, designing excellently and strategically. It believes in inventing and not emulating - the power of inspiration.

About Beaumont Family Wines

The South African farm and winery Beaumont is situated on the historic Compagnes Drift Farm in the heart of the village of Bot River; formerly a trading outpost of the Dutch East India vineyards comprising a wide range of varietals.

A new generation of Beaumont is now leading the family wine business headed up by Sebastian and Nici Beaumont. Eldest son Sebastian Beaumont is now in charge in the cellar producing a range of high-quality premium wines. His wines have become some of the most sought-after in South Africa. The Chenin Blanc ‘Hope Marguerite’, named after Jayne’s mother-in-law, is one of the leading South African Chenin Blancs.

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