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Thursday, 25 June, 2015
Jean-Vincent Ridon
The only wine tasting competition opened to all wine lovers will have its Cape Town Provincial leg on the 27th of June 2015. For the third year, we are now calling all wine lovers to test their abilities for The South African Wine Tasting Championships 2015. Finally wine lovers are the center of a wine event.

The South African Wine Tasting Championships 2015 is a public event, open to amateurs who are encouraged to compete alongside the professionals. In the spirit of ongoing education, and in an attempt to encourage new converts into the closed circle that is the wine world, the SAWTC 2015 will allow all wine lovers to put their talents to the test.
4 Steps to become a Champion:

1 - Taste 48 wines from a selection presented by 8 of the best South African wineries.
2 - Enter the blind Tasting Arena and recognize 10 wines served blind from the selection you have just tasted
3 - Secure one of the highest scores and become one of the top 10 national taster, alongside competitors from Durban and Gauteng
4- These top 10 will be invited for the National Finale in September 2015, to select the Team South Africa flying to the World Championship in Chateauneuf du Pape (France) on the 18th of October 2015.

This wine challenge is open to all over 18, and the Top 20 National Tasters will be receiving an award. The competition opens doors from 10am until 16:30 so competitors can start at the time they want. However consider at least 2 hours not to feel rushed.

Inside the competition, two new categories have been opened in 2015:

*  The Mosaic Restaurant Protégé Programme, offering a unique bursary to an emerging young sommelier, and the 

*  Winterhalter Wine Challenge aimed at rewarding the most talented young wine stewards in Cape Town. 

The South African Wine Tasting Championship is the only South African wine event with an international outcome, as it qualifies the best national tasters to the World Championships in France in October 2015.

Whoever feels ready to face the challenge, whether a wine lover or wine maker, sommelier or amateur, or just willing to evaluate your palate, diarise the 27th of June 2015 and join the best wine tasters of the country.

You can look forward to tasting wines from:
Spice Route

We are delighted to team with WINE.CO.ZA as the 2015 SAWTC Media Partner
For more info - follow the Spotlight Page on wine.co.za

Contacts: Jean Vincent
Tel 021 4225206 – Fax 021 4225238
sawtc2015@gmail.com - www.sawtc.co.za

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